Thanksgivings Yet to Come…

I caught myself thinking this morning(a dangerous activity, I know) about what I wanted to get out of this blog. I mean, yes the original point was to document my attempt at cracking Arenas as a balance druid and that is still important to me, but there are other things I’d like to tackle while I’m here. Whether or not anyone would be interested in reading about them is another story, but one I’m not too concerned with. From the beginning this blog has been as much about me as it has been about the people who read it and I’m certain that people will continue to read or not read as is their want.

So, what are these projects that I’d like to dedicate some time to? Well, most are still in the notepad scribbles phase, but the one that I do intend on focusing a good deal of my time on currently is WoW as an E-Sport. The evolution of gaming as a spectator sport has always interested me and I’d like to do some exploratory writing on the subject and see where it leads. Hopefully you’ll like that too.

On another note, I also appreciate strides taken in WoW fashion. Check out Bellwether’s latest shopping spree through Kara. What is that? New Dungeon Formal?

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One Comment on “Thanksgivings Yet to Come…”

  1. Bellwether Says:

    Totally. (You should put commas between your tags; they’re running together). The dress is amazous. I recommend, even for the fellas. 😀

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