But I don’t like turkey, Mom..

I realize that WoW is essentially a giant social experiment for profit that pulls at us with all kinds of psychological and mental trickery, but I can usually just close that part of my brain down and get back to drooling at the bell. I spent most of this weekend secluded in my apartment, partly due to the snow and partly due to my overwhelming need to acquire enough Badges of Justice for my Cloak of Subjugated Power(I can’t browse WoWhead from work, so check Dressing the Bird for a link). To sum up my “break” from work, I hate answering requests for “LF1M DPS for Heroic Daily” and being ignored or hearing “Oh, sorry, we meant a mage/hunter/lock/rogue”.

As a balance-spec’d druid, I’ll be the first to admit that we don’t really fit one of the cookie-cutter roles that you’d think of for a 5 man Heroic.

We’re not:

    a tanking class – yes, I know Panzerkins, but if I can’t get them to accept an ordinary boomkin, how should I explain that I plan to tank to them?
    a dps/cc class – DPS? Yes. CC? No. A mage/warlock/hunter brings this to the table.
    a healing class – Not primarily, but that brings me to what I think our actual role is.

We are(brace yourselves, folks):

    a HYBRID class – Yes, we don’t fill primary roles. Feral and Resto druids can, in fact, fill these roles. Balance druids however, cannot. I’d like to put forth the idea that Balance druids are the last true hybrids. But what, you ask, does a Balance druid bring to the table?

Let’s start with the obvious ones.

    Battle Rez

The Not So Obvious.

    +5% chance to crit for all casters in the group(healers included)
    Spell interrupts, short-term CC(Nature’s Swiftness goes a long way in this regard, affecting ANY nature spell like Cyclone or Roots)
    Backup Healing

The Hidden Value.

    Creative use of Battle Rez Wiping? It happens. Usually happens when the healer gets aggro and dies. As a last ditch effort, battle rez the healer but have him wait to rez until the mobs have reset. An emergency druid soulstone! Apparently to be fixed. Booo.
    -2% chance to hit(Insect Swarm)
    AOE Support(Thorns + Barkskin + Hurricane keeps decent aggro on mobs and lets mages/locks aoe with less trepidation)

So if you do happen to have your primary roles filled but are missing a fourth or fifth member of your elite Heroic-bustin’ terror squad, consider the utility brought by something as innocuous as a wild turkey with a stick.

For those concerned, I did manage to get enough badges for my cloak, but the last 19 came from a full Kara sweep by me and my guildmates. Now I just need 38 more for my trinket and I can say goodbye to Heroics for good.

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4 Comments on “But I don’t like turkey, Mom..”

  1. Llanion Says:

    IIRC the Rebirth Soulstone trick is either already fixed or is in the process of being fixed. If you have an active-but-unconfirmed Rebirth on someone, the “accept” button vanishes when the party goes out of combat.

  2. manaturkey Says:

    Why must you rain on my parade? Well, it worked as of last night, but if it’s on the fix then I guess we can cross that one off the list. Thanks for pointing it out Llanion.. *grumble*

  3. dionadar Says:

    Boonkins (:P) suffer from the same thing as shadow priests:
    You won’t need them till you’re raiding!


    If you intend to raid, you better get started equipping those guys!

  4. manaturkey Says:

    Agreed, Dionadar! I’m not a raider myself, but I still need a few badge rewards for Arena gear. Thankfully it’s almost over, but I’d hate to think if I had to outfit the majority of my gear through badges. *shudder*

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