Building a better turkey…

Ok, so not a turkey..Depending on how much honor I’ve accumulated, I usually leave all my PVP purchases until Tuesday after maintenance. This gives me something to look forward to and helps keep me motivated throughout the week, as I’ve found motivation to be somewhat lackluster when your honor numbers in the 3 digits. I like to keep that disappointed feeling down to only once a week. Picked up [Gladiator’s Wyrmhide Tunic] yesterday afternoon. Getting there, slowly but surely.

As it happens, I’ve been playing around with various balance specs over the last weekend and I’ve come to the conclusion that a druid without Nature’s Swiftness is no druid at all. Right now, my spec is 40/0/21 and I am loving it. Yes, there is somewhat of a hole in my heart for my beloved Treants(not trees), but I feel that they’re a bit too situational to be put above an instant-cast Healing Touch. And, as was requested by another friend of mine, I’ll briefly outline the major talents in my spec and why I chose them. Maybe others have different opinions and I’d love the hear them.

Starlight Wrath (5/5) but no Nature’s Grasp?
Starlight Wrath is a given, but you’ll usually see at least one point put into Nature’s Grasp as well. My own idea on the subject is that if you can’t get a 1.5sec root off that can’t be knocked back, you probably can’t get Nature’s Grasp off either. And I need that talent point for something else. πŸ™‚

Control of Nature(3/3),Focused Starlight, Imp Moonfire.
These three Tier 2 talents are bread-and-butter talents for any balance spec. No knockback on roots or cyclone is a huge advantage in PVP and even while solo-grinding. Improved damage and crit chance on my main damage spells? Yes please!

Insect Swarm, Nature’s Reach
Insect Swarm is great for pesky rogues to keep them from stealthing(unless they time it between ticks) and for warriors to give them that much more of a chance to miss. Otherwise, I usually just keep it off as that’s time I could have been cycloning, wrathing, or building up for a big starfire crit. Nature’s Reach is a given.. I mean, who doesn’t want longer reach for all their spells?

Vengeance(5/5), but no Celestial Focus
Vengeance is really something I’ve been pondering for some time. Right now, at my level of play, people don’t have enough resilience to really reduce crit chance and damage. But, once I start off with -10% chance to crit, would it be wiser to put these five points into something that might help me deal more flat, non-crit damage? I don’t know.

As for Celestial Focus, the stun proc is really quite unreliable for PVP(still nice when it happens) and most high-end bosses are immune to it. The 70% resistance to knockback on wrath is nice in solo-grinding, but in PVP you should be cycloning someone if they’re up in your face, not wrath spamming them. Hard to spam wrath when your dead, stunned, feared, etc.

Lunar Guidance, Nature’s Grace, 1/3 Moonglow
Mmm.. Int-based +damage? Yes. A talent that lets me crit with my already crit-buffed moonfire and then gives me a 2.5sec starfire? Yes twice. The one point in Moonglow is really just a left-over point that I could have put in Nature’s Grasp but I’ll take whatever extra mana efficiency I can get.

Moonfury(5/5), 1/2 Balance of Power
There’s nothing wrong with 10% more damage. And 2% more chance to hit? That’s quite a bit of +hit gear that I don’t need anymore. To illustrate the necessity of +hit to spells, check out this.

Dreamstate, Moonkin
Dreamstate is half of what keeps me from being OOMkin. Coupled with intensity from the Resto tree and my little bit of Moonglow, I can really only go OOM if I spam moonfire and wrath non-stop. And even then the thing is usually dead by that time. Moonkin form? No, who would want that? πŸ˜›

Wrath of Cenarius(5/5)
There’s nothing else at this point to spend these 5 points in that would outweigh the damage bonus it gives. And this is one of our few talents that scales with gear!

Coming up next post..

    Furor vs Imp MOTW or “Why Imp MOTW is Useless”
    2/5 Naturalist, 3/3 Natural Shapeshifter or “I’m a Druid and I Like My Mana Bar”
    Intensity, Subtlety or “I’m a Druid and I Still Like My Mana Bar”
    Nature’s Swiftness vs Treants or “I was almost dead and now I’m not!”

On a completely non-related thread, I’ve discovered some really entertaining Balance Druid PVP videos. Here’s one from Tradix. Beware, he uses custom skins(actually a kind of cool, but bannable mod)!

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6 Comments on “Building a better turkey…”

  1. Sciencegeek Says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but Balance of Power isn’t necessarily needed in PvP. I’m probably wrong as I stick with raiding and not so much PvP.

  2. manaturkey Says:

    No, it’s not absolutely necessary. But then, it’s not absolutely necessary in raiding either. At 70, spells have a base chance of 5% to miss(resist)a player which is seperate from normal resist rolls. So, if you want to take that 4%(+hit cap is 99% chance to hit for spells) of resisted spells(a resist at the wrong time in PVP is deadly), you need to get yourself to atleast +4% chance to hit.

    Most people improve their hit through gear, but that sometimes forces a choice between +hit gear and more superior gear that is without +hit. Taking even one point in Balance of Power frees up quite a bit of gear slots from having to be filled with +hit items.

    This is of course my own opinion, so maybe it isn’t important to other druids.

  3. manaturkey Says:

    Sorry, let me correct myself. It’s a base chance of 4% to miss(resist) a player at 70, So you need 3% +spell hit to take that percentage out of the equation. Which makes the 1/2 Balance of Power even more valuable and leaving only +1% chance to hit needed from gear.

  4. Sciencegeek Says:

    Thanks for the clarification! I’ll keep this in the back of my mind if I start more PvP.

    Keep up the fun read!

  5. Phaelia Says:

    That picture is flat out awesome. Maybe you should try to work it into your blog header somehow! πŸ™‚

  6. manaturkey Says:

    I like it too, but it’s somewhat of a copyrighted image.. in a post is fine, but not sure how I’d feel about it being in my header. But I’ll give it some thought though. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the idea.

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