If I was a turkey of the sea…

At the end of the week, I like to look forward to those two magic days of non-work and relaxation. Time to actually socialize outside of work or WoW and time to reflect on the week gone by. Or, as happened this weekend, time to experiment with several different talent specs for Druids, run far too many BGs, and generally waste a lot of time and gold realizing that you were happier with what you had in the first place. Thank goodness for those gold-bloated ogres in Ogrila for funding my weekend splurges. Is it socially acceptable to have a bunch of scantily-clad, face-painted ogres as sugar daddies? I hope so.

Another thing this weekend allowed me to do was to give some thought to a challenge issued by fellow blogger Bellwether in the Blog Azeroth forums:

Hypothetical situation: Blizzard has introduced a new underwater zone to WoW. Due to this, they start giving all classes underwater abilities. The druid seal form is now utilized for more than simple travel.

Your goal: Design abilities for the seal form! Is the seal a healer? Magical dps? Physical dps? Tank? Utility? CC? Something entirely new?

Here’s Bellwether’s ideas and here’s mine:

Well, I tried to think of all the excellent things that a seal could do underwater. After losing “eating fish” and it’s multiple variations, my list got to be much, much shorter. So here is my take on what would Seal Form gain if Blizzard decided to open Marine Land: Azeroth!

Seal Form: Shapeshift into aquatic form, increasing swim speed by 50% and allowing the druid to breathe underwater. Dodge rating while underwater is increased proportionate to agility and druid gains a mild haste rating bonus to his melee attacks.

Underwater Charge: With a burst of speed, the seal-form druid closes the distance with target and stuns it for 1 second. Inflicts minor damage to self.

Disorient: With a quick and agile display of close-quarter swimming, the seal-form druid disorients an already stunned target for 3 seconds. This disorientation breaks on damage.

Member of the Pod: Seal-form druid puts out an aura that includes all party members, allowing said members to match swimspeed of the druid. Range is 26 yards.

Basically, I envision the druid as a support/cc class in an underwater environment that provides a major advantage to those groups who include them. Not that I’m sensitive about druids getting the short end of the “LF cc/dps for Heroic” stick. No, not at all.

Enter the Turkey!
Finally, at the request of a friend of mine, I’m posting my newly updated UI for those interested to have a look at. Originally, I had buttons and bars all across the screen and everything was spread out. After doing a complete overhaul of it, I think I like the new look much better. The main bar has ALT and SHIFT modifiers on it to allow me 24 buttons of hotkeys while using only eight actual hotkeys. Yay for me!

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3 Comments on “If I was a turkey of the sea…”

  1. Bellwether Says:

    That’s a nice, clean UI. And your fun cc-druid actual took some of the ideas -I’d- been batting around! Nice ^^

  2. Iorec Says:

    Nice UI. You’re posing in front of the dark portal for this shot aren’t you. /clap

  3. Bellwether Says:

    Aw, thanks for the link! ^^

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